Ceres Agilab Mycotoxins Quick Test Kits

QUICK Ceres AgriLab mycotoxin test kits

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites formed by fungi. Diseases, which are caused by an intake of mycotoxins, are called mycotoxicoses.

The corresponding mycotoxins, e.g. Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin A, are found in not correctly stored crop products or in food products directly. The Maximum Residue Limits of the EU for some mycotoxins require appropriate analytical methods.

Aflatoxin, Ocratoksin, T-2 toxin, a mycotoxin Vomitoksin includes such varieties of food and feed, when consumed by humans and animals, cause cancer or birth, as the results are fatal. Our country, an agricultural country, because of the mycotoxin in the most risky group who represent corn, rice, soybeans, wheat, such as in cereals, spices, raisins, figs, peanuts, nuts, cheese, milk and dairy products, fish products and animal feed mycotoxin analysis HPLC method, no method is very expensive for manufacturers to control their own cheap, simple to use and with the approval of international search methods are preferred.

Turkish Food Codex maximum amount of total aflatoxin in the final product is limited to 10 ppb. Human and animal consumption of aflatoxin in food and feed submitted to the designated amount must be below this limit. Results of tests on the amount of aflatoxin in products exported from 4 to 15 ppb are rejected on the product.

Company of our local manufacturers to easily and quickly to be able to do this analysis were imported from America CeresCREEN ™ mycotoxin test kits are available for sale.

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