Falling Number Device is used for determination of fungal, bacterial and natural origin alpha-amylase activities in all cereals and flour. Falling number is the time passing through when a viscometer mixer released into the gel, prepared with flour and water and is about to liquefy, sinks to a certain level in the hot gel.

  • Fully automatic digital system
  • Easy to use large LCD touch screen
  • Easy to test classic falling number (FN) and Fungal falling number (FFN) with one-touch
  • Boiler protection system with level control sensor and water level control
  • Water recycling system
  • Calculating amount of sample according to the product 's moisture
  • Final analysis results on the screen
  • Easy to use
  • High temperature stability
  • Results with altitude corrections
  • Stable product quality
  • Use of additives according to need

Normal values for Amylase activity is between 200 and 250

it is very important to detect the falling number of the flour and cereal products by using Falling Number Device in terms of the determination of the end product quality:

If falling number of wheat flour is less than 150, it means that Alpha Amylase activiy is high, in turn there is wheat germination and sticky crumb structure is seen in the bread.

If falling number is greater than 300, it means that Amylase activity is low, in turn the volume of the bread made with this kind of flour is small and crumb structure of the bread is dry.

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