• There are two washing tank on the machine
  • Two samples can be tested concurrently
  • Mixing time: 20 sn; Washing time: 280 sn
  • The final results in a total of 5 minutes
  • Warning signal at the end of the test
  • Working voltage is 220V, frequency is 50Hz

Wet gluten is the elasticity product formed as a result of the swelling of the gliadin and glutenin protein (existing in the composition of the wheat) by absorbing the water. Gluten content is the one of the most important criteria that determine the quality of the bread and dough characteristics, in turn end product quality. The wet gluten amount in the flour used for bread should be between 16 and 32.

The test principle of the Gluten washer machine is to determine the gluten remained as a result of removing the proteins, globulin which is soluble in dilute salt solution and albumin which is soluble in water, and starch by washing the wheat or flour, which are formed into dough, with dilute salt solution.


Why Gluten Washer Machine?

It is important to detect the amount and quality of the gluten to determine the quality of the end product and develop the quality of it.

Detection of the wet gluten amount is important in terms of the product quality indicators, identifying these data correctly provide the production of the world-class products within the world standards. These data can be detected most accurately with gluten washer machine.

It provides the determination of the gluten characteristics of the wheat and flour.

Other protein ingredients contained in the product may not be indicative of the actual gluten characteristics, accurate detection of the amount of gluten is therefore important.

What is Gluten?

Gluten Free

Gluten is a group of proteins contained in the cereals such as wheat, rye, barley, oat particularly, it can be grouped as prolamins and glutenin. Gluten proteins are responsible for the reticulated structure, while making bread. Wet gluten amount should be between 28 and 32. Desired value can be reached with addition of dry gluten or mixing the good wheat in case of lack. Dry gluten is accepted as important industrial raw materials in flour industry, durable bakery products and feed industry, particularly in the fish feed. Dry gluten was a product that was difficult to obtain by the near past because of the technology failure. Gluten washer machine is used to extract the wet gluten contained in the dough of wheat or flour by washing with dilute salt solution.


Gluten as an Alternative to Gelatin

Because it is obtained from the plant, gluten is the most important alternative to gelatin in terms of the human health. In terms of flavor, taste and smell, gluten is much better and economical than gelatin. Digestion of this kind of plant protein is much easier . In terms of health, plant origin gluten may be preferred instead of animal origin gelatin.

Specification Values
Fine Grain Sieve Setting 200 mesh/inch
Coarse Grain Sieve Setting 26 mesh/inch
Inner Diameter of the Box 54 mm
Sample Weight 10gr/Box
Liquid Flow 50~56ml
Mixing Time 5~75 seconds (Display and adjustabler)
Washing Time 1~15 minutes (Display and adjustable)
Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Weight 22 Kg
Dimensions 335mmX330mmX325mm
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