Grinding mill, grains, animal feed, sieved soil, cereal grains, spices, corn, rice, wheat, seeds, dried fruits, herbs, roots and stem cutting / grinding of straw is used.

  • Grinder cover and the body of the alloy steel casting
  • Grinder chamber diameter is 160 mm.
  • Disposer made of special alloy steel rotor is dynamically balanced 3-group has a hammer.
  • Grinder Hammers center-balanced moving equilibrium.
  • Mill perpendicular to the cover of the stator, grinder is loading bunker.
  • Mill, the rotor is connected directly to the engine, take dust is prevented.
  • Can be used as plant mill.
  • Grinder loading bunker supply input 20 x 40mm (+ -5 mm)
  • Available safety lock to prevent the flip is open.
  • Enhanced engine is 2.2kw, 3000 d / d respectively.
  • Mill 220 volt-50 Hz. City is working with current.
  • The unit comes with the next 2 mini circular sieve and brush.
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