Environmental Testing under your control.. MIT Test Cabins are developed to simulate real enviromental conditions by controlling temperature, humidity and day & night lighting cycles. By means of their wide temperature and humidity control range various kinds of tests could be performed in different areas. Stability, artificial aging and storage test can be easily done as well. The excellent design of MIT Series test cabinets allows them to be used for different purposes in different sectors such as;

  • Electronic Industry,
  • Automobile Supply Industry,
  • Aircraft and Aviation Industy,
  • Chemical Industry,
  • Plactic Industry,
  • Textile Industry,
  • Pharmaceutical Industry,
  • Construction Materials Industry,
  • Food Industry,
  • Military Equipment and Armament Industry,
  • Packaging Industry,

To ensure maximum durability and reliability, adequate materials were chosen fort he construction of the products. The chamber is made of Stainless Steel. The outer body is made of Epoxy coated Galvanic Steel to resist high humidity levels. The lights are located inside the door and protected with a glass window. There is an also internal glass door which allows controlling the samples without disturbing the temperature and humidity conditions inside the chambers.

The insulation becomes more important for the efficiency of the product when cold and hot temperatures are concerned. It is made of high density injected polyurethane. The humidity is produced by the humidity generator and measured by a humidity sensor. The recovery time is fast and humidity measurement is sensitive. The heating function is controlled by PID while cooling and humidity are controlled by proportional system. User friendly control panel includes 128x64 pixel display.

Powerful air circulation system maintains temperature and humidity uniformity and stability even at low temperatures. Directional airflow assures quick recovery after door openings. The state-of-art control system is based on programmable microprocessor technology.

  • Program name: There are ten programs memories,
  • Temperature: - 20 ̊C/ +60 ̊C,
  • Humidity Range : %20-%95 Rh,
  • Time: 0-999 hours – 59 minutes +hold position,
  • No of Step: 1-9,
  • No of program repetition: 1-99,

The Test Cabinets are enviromentally friendly with CFR-Free insulation and refrigerant.

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