MBB Growth Chamber is developed for simulating real environmental conditions by controlling temperature,humidity and day-night lighting cycles. The excellent design of MBB Growth Chamber allows it to be used for different purposes such as;

  • Plant Growth,
  • Seed Germination,
  • Acclimatization of Plants,
  • Culture of Plant Cells and tissues,
  • Genetic manipulation of Plants,
  • Cultivation of Protoplasm and Cells,
  • Incubation and rearing of insects,
  • Any Test which needs specific temperature humidity and illumination,

Growth Chamber

The insulation becomes more important for the efficiency of the product when cold and hot temperatures are concerned. The left and right windows ensure perfect insulation with their double glass. The back side and the door are insulated with polyurethane. Double door seals ensure total insulation of the chamber even under extreme climatic test conditions. One of the most important features of a growth chamber şs the lighing function.

The chamber of MBB is illuminated from two sides: Left and right .By mens of the two sides lighting and by the help of the time control system for each side, the movement of sunlight is simulated. For each side, lighting can be programmed separately. The humidity is produced by the humidity generator and measured according to psycrometic diagram by means of dry and wet bulb temperatures. As an advantage of the system, the recovery time is fast and humidity measurement is sensetive.The heating is controlled by PID while cooling is controlled proportionally. For the construction of the product, the right choice of materials was made to ensure maximum durability and reliability. The chamber is made of stainless steel and glass Windows. The Windows consist of double layer glass. User friendly control panel includes with touch-operated buton and leader messages.

The auxiliary control panel includes adjustable electronic safety thermostat and the following connections. The state-of-art control system is based on programmable microprocessor technology. It has easy to use control system. Besides all the technical advantages, MBB Series are environmentally friendly with CFC-free insulation and refrigerant. The control system also contains a comprehensive self-diagnostic system providing information regarding any system failure. Bitki Büyütme Kabinleri için en önemli özelliklerden bir tanesi de aydınlatmadır.

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