Better technology, higher security and more enviromental commitment. From the basis of modern laboratories with fume hoods are used for the realization of the possible sensetive tests can also be used for the removal of hazardous aesollerin. Harmful gases and vapours consisted in the laboratory area is based on suitable suction and operating conditions. Fume Hoods serve to control exposure to toxic, offensive or flammable vapors, gases and aerosols. Fume hoods are the primary method of exposure control in the laboratory. The laboratory fume hood is a type of local exhaust ventilation system. A properly used and properly funtioning fume hood exhausts hazardous gases,dusts,mists and vapors from a contioned location and helps protect workers from inhalation exposure.

  • Over electro galvanic plate, with epoksy electrostatic power coated,
  • A window made from a tempered glass can be able to open as vertical,
  • He cabin can be able to send away during the operation may be occured acid vapor, heat and the pollutan such as aroma of proses aspirating immediately,
  • Capasity of Air suction motor min. 1250m³/hours,
  • İlluminated the cabin by a fluorescent lamp and not affect the chemical vapor,
  • During the operation don’t make noise pollution,
  • Sheltered against overflowings of water,
  • The glases’s type of framed guillotine,
  • As an optional,a water faucet,
  • Operation of suction is suitable for physics of air flow,

Cabin of Aspiration

The Aspiration is made of acid resistance, Copmakt or PP(polipropilen). The optional PP sink provides using easily with watter and gas fitting. Due to controlling the water and gas fitting from board user friendly.


Air suction motor is made from PP which is durable of acid and acid vapor. Motor power 2650 cycle,1300m³/h,0.8A,180W. Motor speed can be calibrated gradually and speed control unit and hold-opens key take part the device’s in front board.


  • Production of special dimensions and different specıfıcations,
  • Aspiration for use in cabinet,board-controlled gas, flammable gas, water and gas fitting can be placed according to the user’s request,
  • PP sick in cabinet of aspiration,
  • Automatic hold-opens front glass,
  • Material cabinet can be use with the device,
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