For precise temperature tests Option: Lighting and Humidity Test room volume 180 L to 1060 LTest room temperature

RUMED Cooled Incubators of Series 3000- a variable programme with a multitude of options for special requests and for limitless individuality. The standard series can be adapted flexibly to the specific requirements of the user by adding the corresponding accessories: programme control, lighting and humidity.RUMED Cooled Incubators are a low-cost alternative to the Light Thermostat, where only low lighting intensities for temperature application are required.

Advantage: flexibility and highest precision

Various Application Ranges: For tasks in research and quality control of industry and science in the ranges:

  • Crystal Growth
  • Microbiology and Bacteriology
  • Seed Tests and Seed Research
  • Zoology and Botany
  • Pharmacy and Medicine
  • Electrical and Electronic Industry
  • Forcing Test in Quality Controlof Breweries
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