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Featured products in the categories such as Gluten Washing Device, Nitrogen Protein Detection Device, Gluten Index Device, Mycotoxin Test Kits.

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Saytek Ltd. Co., Quality Control Devices

In line with the changing technology and market demand for flour, feed, grain and food industry, high quality, reliable and efficient services with the aim of providing Saytek LTD has been founded in 2002 received by the local and foreign agencies, flour additives and bakery premixes, Quality Control Laboratory apparatus maintains sales and marketing activities.

Expert staff, and sales network throughout Turkey and the other countries of service to our country, reaching every corner of our company with the principle of "it is selling our after-sales service", and technical services, consulting and training services are also continuing with success.

To improve quality and reliability in the industry to incorporate innovations from its target Saytek the best quality, best prices, rapid delivery and to address 100% customer satisfaction principle.

Food Quality Control Equipment

Click for the products such as sedimentation tester device, gluten washer machine, gluten index device, glutork (Dry Gluten Tester), laboratory roller mill, nitrogen protein detection device etc.

General Quality Control Equipment

Click for the details about the products such as growth chamber, climatic test cabinets, hot plate, Rumed air conditioning test Cabinet, Rumed Cooled incubators, MCO series fume hood etc.

Moisture Tester

Farmpro moisture tester device; It is a Danish quality product that measures moisture by breaking the product. You can also see the Wile 55 Moisture Meter, Kett Brand Hectolitre and Moisture Tester.


Laboratory Consumables

You can see the laboratory consumables such as sedimentation solution, crucibles, desiccators, thermometers, measuring cylinder, burette, erlenmeyer etc. in this category. Click for details.

Mycotoxin Test Kits

Our company sells CeresCREEN ™ mycotoxin test kits imported from America so that manufacturers can easily and quickly perform mycotoxin analyzes. Click for details.

Flour Additives

You can see the flour additives and mixes such as Ascorbic Acid, Standardized Fungal Alpha-amylase, Glucose Oxidase, Lipase (lipopan), Protease, Wheat Gluten (Vital Gluten) in this category.

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You can find all the quality control devices needed in the flour, feed, cereals and food sectors here. We have been continuing our works with reliable, high quality and effective service understanding since 2002.

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